~Believe, in Taking Chances~

Ask me no questions, I'll spell you no lies.   “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You,”

― Dr. Seuss,


idk man, imagine showing Arthur Weasley a gif for the first time. At first of course he’d just think it was a normal wizard photograph, but then you’d explain that muggles made it and his heart would just explode with joy over these muggles making such amazing shit even though they have no magic at all. How amazing. How inventive.

Maybe whenever you’re feeling bad about yourself imagine how much Arthur Weasley would enjoy meeting you.

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This scene just hit me, like, when Cosima asked why she was here, Delphine seems like she’s trying to say “I came for you”, “I’m sorry”, or “I care about you” something like that, but she doesn’t. She stops, because she knows Cosima. Cosima gets her and she gets Cosima. She’s a skeptic. She’s a scientist. She needs proofs. Words can’t convince her anymore. Cosima believed her when her logic and reasons screamed don’t. She believed Delphine was on her side. She wanted to trust her and Delphine let her down. So, she stops and says Leekie is a liar. She says Cosima can prove it. She helps her and be there for her because she wants Cosima. She’s really on her side and she will prove that. So that later when she says what she couldn’t say this time, Cosima would believer her.

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Barbara and Lindsay flirting on Twitter


Barbara and Lindsay flirting on Twitter

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Happy 24th Birthday Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

(15th April 1990)

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Stephen King being Stephen King

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